Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Kapu – 1st Generation
1955 – 1960


1st Generation

Genesis West Germany, 36th Air Group, 36th Fighter Wing, Bitburg Airbase

KAPU - A law handed down for me to follow
  • Forbidden to use or teach Kui-A-Lua to outsiders.
  • Teach only children that are of the Family Blood Line.
  • Show my Lua O Kalhewalu 'Ai (carefully).
  • Each Logo/Patch represents (Space) + (Time) + (Generation).
  • Each Generation will be brought up to date and taught the Art Of My Family's Lua.

I worked and trained selected United States Air Force personnel the Art of my family's Lua.

I taught and showed them how an ordinary shoelace could be used in today's society to perform the art of strangulation in order to emulate the ancient Ka’ane.

I showed these Selected Air Force personal how to use their military shoe Boot/Brogans by slipping their hands into their boot and use them as boxing gloves (Kui Kui). This was my first release and sharing on my family’s Lua to Non-Hawaiians. In respect to the word Kapu, Our Forbidden Law, in using or teaching Lua, as a child my parents told me stories which were passed down from their parents. My parents instructed me in the proper use of Lua and the mele’s. This included how to use them, where to use them, and who to show.

My life began in the Palama Settlement in December, 1935. Originating in Oahu, Hawai'i, the Martial Arts then came to the mainland U.S.A. and West Germany. I taught the basic’s of my family’s Art Of Lua from 1955-1960.

Starting in the late 1950’s, and because of the manner in which the traditions were taught to me as a child on Kui-A-Lua, I chose to teach only the Basics of my family’s Lua to students that came to me.

Because Our Kapu was such a strong part of me as I grew up, I needed to bring forth, update, and teach my family’s Lua slowly and carefully to my students.

Since the mid-1950’s, I have been looking for the Blessing for me to bring our Lua out to all students.

Author: 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002