Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Kapu – 2nd Generation
1960 – 1963


2nd Generation

451st Strategic (ICMB-Titan) Missile Wing, Lowry Air Force Base, Denver, Colorado, USA

KAPU - Hawai'an forbidden law
  • Our Forbidden Law (Kapu Law) handed down to our children of the future.
  • Both my Grandparents taught My Mom (from Kauai) and my Dad (from Kona) The Family's Art Of Lua.
  • Kapu #1 - Watch our bloodline, one may swim out of line.
  • Kapu #2 - Watch those that come to eat free.
  • Kapu #3 - Watch how you walk, where you step, and who you talk to.

President Kennedy was assassinated, the Cuban Missile Crisis started and the Vietnam War was about to begin.

I brought my basic Lua from Honolulu, Hawai'i to West Germany then to Denver, Colorado. I trained and selected U.S. Air Force Military Personnel as I did in Germany. I worked and taught boxing, trapping, and locks. This represents the second update to my Lua training, 1960-1963.

Respect to our Forbidden Law handed down to us Hawaiian children, is still in my mind and the words from my father and my mom ring clearly in my mind.

I need to remember to focus on the words my father told me and continue to follow them always.

Papa said, "Kolomona, you must remember, I can set a rule for you to follow. This does not mean for you to regulate it for your children to hand down to their children. Kolomona, do not give out your opinion and judgment, but you think on what was handed down to you and the children of our race. Its opinion and judgment is in our family’s Time and Space."

Papa Kaihewalu said, "Kolomona, Time is for us to think. Space is for us to fill. Generation is the many parts within our family that need to be connected. Walk slow in Lua, no matter how much time it takes. Fill in the gaps of our Lua, with Wisdom."

Author: 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002