Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Kapu – 3rd Generation
1963 – 1964


3rd Generation

Orange, California


Two Generations of my Logos went by as my father said to me to walk slow, use the time needed and fill in the gap and space on our Family's Lua. "Kolomona, watch those who come for help and are hungry. Do not feed or nourish these people too much... (just enough)."

In Orange County, California, in the city of Orange, I opened my first self-defense school in 1963.

I started traveling back to my homeland of Hawai’i, just to start talking to the Elders of Hawai’i, and to anyone that would listen and talk to me about our Art of Lua.

I wanted to talk to our Elders and to get their say on why the Kapu Law of our Ancient Hawai'ian Martial Arts was set up and handed down to the Hawai'ian race to follow.

Many Hawai'ians from the 1960's to the early 1980's would not talk to me, many scolded me, and many called me terrible names.

I listened to their opinions and their personal judgments toward me.

I just wanted to bring our Lua, The Hawai'ian Art Of Self Defense, out to the world. I did not want to see this great Art die and become just a story in our history books.

Bringing this beautiful Ancient Hawai'ian Martial Art out to the world was not easy. I never thought in my lifetime that this was going to be as tough as it turned out to be.

I watched how I walked with this Art Of Lua. I made sure I did not step on anyone and hurt them as far as our Hawai'ian Martial Art was concerned.

This 1963-1964 Logo I am now bringing out is my 3rd Generation. In addition, I am upgrading my Basic Lua Training with new Lua techniques and forms to my students.

I am trying to get recognition (or blessing) from my race, the Hawai'ians. At the same time, I will continue to work and demonstrate my family’s Lua so the “World's Martial Arts will recognize us Hawai'ians and our Ancient Lua Martial Art.

Author: 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002