Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Kapu – 5th Generation
1972 – 1980

  • 5th Logo and 5th Generation
  • My 25th year in promoting my Family's Lua.
  • Time taken talking to our Elders is hard, but getting easier.

Lima Lama did not last for me. There were many things I did not agree with.

I resigned from Lima Lama on July 18, 1972 and began once again to teach and promote my Family's Lua.

I have been active in Karate Tournaments and Demonstrating Lua to promote my family’s Ancient Art of Dislocation (Lua).

Traveling back to my homeland of Hawai’i since the 1960’s and checking with many of those that knew the story or history of our Martial Art, Kui-A-Lua. A few Hawai'ians started to talk to me about Lua. This was the first and the beginning for me and good news and a start. But the word “KAPU” still rings in my ears and to so many Hawai'ians it hurts them as well as me.

1963-1998: I have been very active and busy with my students and my own children supporting Karate Tournaments. [Reason to promote my family’s Lua]

1963 to the mid-1990s: Competitors like Mike Stone, Chuck Norris, Bob Wall, Joe Lewis, Al Dacascos, Eric Lee, Mohammad Steve Sanders, Howard Jackson, Bill Ryusaki, Richard Nuñez, Danny Esquival, Arnold Urquidez, Benny Urquidez, John Natividad, Carlos Bunda, Steve 'Nasty' Anderson, Jerry Piddington, Solomon Kaihewalu, Jr., Leilani Kaihewalu, George Kaihewalu, Bob White, Ray Sua, and many more. I consider myself lucky to be among this field of great champions.

1960 to the Present: The directors, sponsors, grandmasters and pioneers, such as Edward Parker, Fumio Demura, Tadashi Yamashita, Robert Trias, Walter Godin, Ming Lum, Paul Yamaguchi, Sidro Emperado, B.F. Lau, Tony Troche, Marino Tiwanak, Jaime Basquez, Mike Young, Wally Jay, James Wing Woo, Joe Halbuna, Henry Okazaki, Ralph Castro, William Chow, James Mitose, Chow Hoon, H. Woo, Al Novak, Al Reyes, Ark Wong, Dan Ivan, Willy Cahill, Abe Kamahoahoa, and so many more.

(I have named a few Pioneers that have now passed on, the rest are still active).

1960's to the Present: Knowing these Great Pioneers, and teaming up and demonstrating Lua with most of them, has made our Ancient Lua Martial Art move one step closer to Recognition.

Taken the time in bringing our Ancient Martial Art of Bone Dislocation, The Art Of Lua, out to The World Martial Artist.

1958-1980: Updating, adding new Lua techniques and forms for my 4th Generation.

Author: 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002