Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Kapu – 8th Generation
1995 – Present


8th Generation

Revelation 1995
Our Generation Has Come

KAPU - Permission - I have to ask the Gods
  • The Gods of my Aina and my Personal God Jesus, I have always asked for their permission to Guide Me to the answers needed.
  • I have asked Permission from my Elders, who have passed on to another world, for their help and to aid me in my search of the answers I am looking for.
  • I've received and found the answers that took so long to find.

Mahalo Nui
Malama Pono

This Logo is the last and the final of all Generations.

Genesis has started and now gone, West Germany 1955.

Now Revelation 1995 to current has arrived.

I have brought my Family's Lua into this world very slowly. I have watched not to step on anyone, and not to hurt anyone as I walk.

I have Filled the Space and Tightened up the Gaps:

  • I have Listened
  • I have Followed
  • I have done what my Father and Mom asked me to do

Generation to Generation

  • Many will claim they know Lua O Kaihewalu - I will be there to answer! (1955 to Present)
  • There will be some who claim to be related in some way or another - I will have the answer! (1955 to Present)

Communication, Hard Work, Study, Knowledge, and Honesty are what I bring to my Lua Hãlau O Kaihewalu.

My Thanks to my Children of this Generation.

Author: 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, 11-Nov-2002