Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu - Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Lua Hãlau O Kaihewalu


For many years now, the Hawaiian martial art of Lua has been kept a secret and searching to find and authentic 'Õlohe (Master) or Kumu (instructor) is a never-ending challenge. Historians of true Hawaiian culture will tell you that only the Hawaiians who were related to royalty through their family bloodline were instructed in this ancient art, which to this day under old Hawaiian Kingdom Law is forbidden (Kapu) to be taught, especially to those who are non-Hawaiian. There are many who claim to be 'Õlohes and Kumus of Hawaiian Lua, but only their heritage, family bloodline, and relation to royalty to this Kapu art form is the proof needed to hold the title of 'Õlohe or Kumu of Hawaiian Lua.

The word of 'Õlohe is made up of two words and has a very deep and symbolic meaning, especially to one who holds that title. When broken down, the word 'Õ means to pierce, and the word Lohe means to feel, obey, listen or heed the teaching. But probably the most important part of this word is the meaning to "heed the teaching', the teaching of Lua. Therefore, one who holds the title of 'Õlohe is bound by the traditions and heritage of this art and must heed or pay close attention to those teachings by being skilled both in the art of Lua fighting and in the use of the ancient Hawaiian weapons of Lua.

As a descendant of Hawaiian Royalty on his mother's side of his family, 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu was taught the family art of Kaihewalu Lua by both his father and his mother. After many years of training and when the time was right, he carefully started to introduce and reveal his art so as not to offend the elders, while at the same time trying to make sure the elders understood what he was trying to accomplish by promoting his family art. He was the first to break the "seed" and introduce the martial art of Kaihewalu Hawaiian Lua in 1955 to non-Hawaiians while stationed at a U.S. military boot camp in Parks, California. Today, his family art is taught world-wide and has finally been accepted by his fellow Hawaiians.

David Dye, Editor - Preface to the
Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art of Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua
by 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu


Lua, the art of bone-breaking and joint dislocation teaches the following:

Ku'iku'iBoxing / Hand Techniques
MokomokoDirty fighting / wrestling / everything goes
Mea-kauaWeapons / defense / offense
PekuKick defense / offense
HikuaThrows / Techniques
HulaForms / Kata
Lua street techniques